We provide person-centered, evidence-based care to help our clients reach their maximum potential.

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About Us

We are a private practice owned, directed, and managed by a Speech-Language Pathologist. We offer cutting edge, evidence-based, speech therapy services for adults, adolescents, and children. Our services include rehabilitation of swallowing, speech, language, and/or cognition. Services can be provided in our office, in your home, or via a HIPPA compliant virtual platform.

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Cognitive Communication involves orientation, memory, attention, problem solving, reasoning and executive functioning.

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Dysphagia is a condition in which disruption of the swallowing process interferes with a patient’s ability to eat and swallow safely

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Providing the tools to build better communication.

Not all questions are created equal. Some questions are easier for children to learn and others require more complex thinking and verbal skills.

Speech-language pathologists, also called SLPs, are experts in communication.

SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. SLPs treat many types of communication and swallowing problems. These include problems with:

Speech sounds—how we say sounds and put sounds together into words. Other words for these problems are articulation or phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, or dysarthria.

Language—how well we understand what we hear or read and how we use words to tell others what we are thinking. In adults this problem may be called aphasia.

Literacy—how well we read and write. People with speech and language disorders may also have trouble reading, spelling, and writing.

Social communication—how well we follow rules, like taking turns, how to talk to different people, or how close to stand to someone when talking. This is also called pragmatics.

Voice—how our voices sound. We may sound hoarse, lose our voices easily, talk too loudly or through our noses, or be unable to make sounds.

Fluency—also called stuttering, is how well speech flows. Someone who stutters may repeat sounds, like t-t-t-table, use “um” or “uh,” or pause a lot when talking. Many young children will go through a time when they stutter, but most outgrow it.

Cognitive-communication—how well our minds work. Problems may involve memory, attention, problem solving, organization, and other thinking skills.

Feeding and swallowing—how well we suck, chew, and swallow food and liquid. A swallowing disorder may lead to poor nutrition, weight loss, and other health problems. This is also called dysphagia.

Pyramid Rehabilitation is a Medicare and Medicaid provider. We are happy to bill Medicare or Medicaid for Speech Therapy Services.
We are continuously working on adding additional insurance companies that we bill directly.

Co-Pays and Co-Insurance
Many insurance plans have co-pays or co-insurance. These are due on the day services are rendered.

Other Insurance Carriers
Pyramid Rehabilitation will sometimes bill other insurance carriers as an out-of-network provider as a courtesy to our clients. In most cases, clients will pay Pyramid Rehabilitation directly and will be provided with a Superbill for submission to their insurance company.

Out of Pocket
Please call or email for rates. We are willing to work with you in order to provide you or your family member with the services you need.

Please fill out the contact form and our team will set up an intake meeting with you to discuss your concerns and determine if an evaluation is needed.

We Provide

Person-centered, evidence-based care to help our clients reach their maximum potential.

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